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5 Ways To Clean Leather Shoes

Nothing brings an outfit together quite like a pair of sleek leather shoes. If you’ve got a great pair of leather shoes, cleaning them regularly will help you protect your investment. Don’t worry, this isn’t the complicated process you may be imagining. So long as you have the right tools at your disposal, cleaning your leather shoes is a breeze. Just keep in mind that leather has a tendency to shrink, dry out, and crack when it gets wet, so keep your leather shoes at home on rainy days and don’t use water to keep your kicks clean.

1. Remove dirt and debris with a soft-bristled brush.
2. Take out your shoelaces to protect them while you clean.
3. Remove stubborn scuffs and marks with a leather cleaner and soft brush
4. Sprinkle talcum powder over oil and grease stains to soak them up.
5. Condition your leather shoes after you’re done cleaning to protect them.