Dr. Babu Jagajeevan Ram Housing Scheme for Leather artisans

  • Financial assistance will be released in installments through Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation to artisans belonging to Scheduled Castes engaged in leather industry for housing and for construction of living cum worksheds to help them carry on with their occupation. The artisans should possess vacant sites/ sheds/ dilapidated houses.
  • Unit Cost:
1Subsidy Rs.2.20 lakhs
2Beneficiary Contribution Rs.0.30 lakhs
Total Rs.2.50 lakhs

Requirements to become a beneficiary under this scheme:

The applicant must be an artisan belonging to Madiga, Samagara, Mochi, Dora and other sub castes of the Scheduled Castes, engaged in tannery work.

The annual income of the applicant’s family should be within Rs.1.50 lakhs if in rural areas, and Rs.2.00 lakhs if in urban areas. The applicant’s annual income shall be within Rs.5.00 lakhs.

Neither the applicant nor his/ her family members should have availed any facility from the Corporation before (excluding training).

The applicant must be above 18 years of age.

No member belonging to the applicant’s family shall be an employee of any Government or Semi-Government organisation.

Facilities shall be offered by providing 30% reservation to women in all schemes.

The conditions mentioned in the orders notified by the Government with respect to each of the schemes shall apply.

Those who wish to apply for housing scheme must submit the following documents along with the application